Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Saturday!!!

Ended up choosing the time it poured to get out and run errands. It was great as I love the rain.
Got my hairs did.
Just needed a trim but she ended up cutting more than that off.
I actually like it. It's just a wee bit different and getting it trimmed at all means my curls are bouncy again. This makes extremely happy.

Went back to worko n Wednesday. I am glad I decided to make it a short week. It wore me out as it was. To make matters worse, my computer failed to work. HOpefully MOnday, it will work again. I'm about to throw it out of the window!!
stupid muggle equipment grumblegrumble.

Having finsihed many projects recently, I decided to take out an old one.
I had started a shell sttch blanket for my husband in his Buffalo Bill colors.
Maybe 'll get it finished by his birthday in september. hooray!

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  1. You should come on and jump in my Ancient Runes class here...

    Wips are the assignment