Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HSKS Game 6

Potion #1
Madame Warbobbles carries around Draught of Peace which could be cleverly disguised in pill form or to state off other anxieties... COFFEE which holds off all madness!!

I need more :D

Potion #2:
A Mandrake restorative draught is used when one is (dramatic Dumbledore pause) Petrified.

I believe that this too takes the form of coffee so that one is not petfiried with sleepiness!

Potion #3..ish
When Miss Warbobble wishes to hear someone speaking nonsense, she would administer a Babbling Beverage.

Potion #4..ish
The cure for the boils caused by the Twins' Fever Fudge is Murlap Essence

And according to the blog of Miss Wartbobble, she keeps several potions handy at all times to so complete the list...

5. Mrs. Scower's Magical Mess remover
6. Wit Shapening Essence
7, Forgetfulness Potion

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