Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anagram game Week 2

1 Chamber of Secrets
2 Harry Potter
3 Ron Weasley
4 Hermione Granger
5 Gryffindor
6 Dark Arts
7 Gilderoy Lockhart
8 Chamber of Secrets
9 House Elf
10 Harry Potter
11 Moaning Myrtle
12 Harry Potter
13 Moaning Myrtle
14 Harry Potter
15 Voldemort
16 Horcrux
17 Ron Weasley
18 Ginny Weasley
19 Gilderoy Lockhart
20 Prisoner of Azkaban

Monday, June 29, 2009

Why must you vex me so?

Here at work, defending the world against the Dark Arts (heh I really do that... Probation/Parole officer... is what I'm called in the muggle world)

thankfully plenty of coffee. That's the only good part aobut the day thus far.

oh and my Zune.
and twitter.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Posting late night Saturday night as apparently my post yesterday was eaten.

Watching Chess in Concert for like the zillionth time. I need to get the DVD and find some way to put it on my ZUne so I can watch it a Zillion more times while at work.

Working on finishing up some itesm. My gyrfindor gym bag is finished. yaay!! Now I suppose I need to go back to the gym. Would love to do something hard core but stil have to take it easy with my messed up back. ugh.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll finish my "Defy Gravity" and "Popular" bags tommorrow. Going to see Wicked next Saturday (again) with my BFF. I'm Defy Gravity and she's Popular. Would ike to get tiara's in but i'm not sure that I'l have the time. Making friend's mother a Wicked dishcloth.

Sing it Mr. Arbitor!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Activities, week 1

Part 1: "What's in your trunk?"List 10 items beginning with the same letter as your first name that you brought with you to camp. For example:

In addition to my owl Firth and my wand, I will bring:

1. Peppermint coffee (can’t do without it)
2. potion bottles
3. phone (yes, I’ve been in the muggle world too long)
4. purple Starknuts craft bag
5. pomegranate lemonade
6. pizza coupons (because who doesn’t like to order pizza at camp!)
7. protein shakes
8. pumpkin juice
9. Puffs tissue (because inevitably, someone will get the sniffles)
10. Passion for my cabin and my house (ROAR GRYFFINDOR) and of course CRAFTS!

Part 3: Get to know your Spoiler & Spoilee
Go through your spoiler AND spoilee’s projects on Ravelry (I think everyone has at least 1 thing I’d hope!) and comment on or favorite something you like. This is another way to get to know them better.

My Spoiler is Helena Lovegood (LoverofallEmo).
She made this adorable ipod cozy that looks like Dory from Finding Nemo!!!! SO CUTE!!! Everyone has electronic devices that need to be protected and this was a brilliant way to do it! Something fun.
Just keep swimming just keep swimming…. I love Dory <3 <3
I think if I’m reading correctly, it is her own pattern. BRILLIANT CONCEPT!!!!

My Spoilee is Honoria Becket (JellybeanInc)
She has the cutest stocking hat on her Ravelry page. It’s in green and purple which is one of my favorite color combinations (red and black being the other). I love the hat… it’s very light hearted. Something fun to wear in the cold of winter while everyone else is wearing same ole hats.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And home again

Hello everyone!
I've spent the last few days at the beach and am now home. (sadness)
I'm trying to get caught up with everything I need to do online as well as everything I need to do at home. Suitcase is unpacked. LAundry is running. I still need to unpack the craft bag I took and organize that and then get ready to go back to work tomorrow. Alas. (the darkarts do not sleep for vacationiong aurors i'm afraid)

Here are my Truths and a Lie:

1. I sing alto
2. I am decended from King Henry VIII
3. My favorite latte is a peppermint latte
4. I have a tatoo on my foot

Monday, June 8, 2009

What would your patronus be?
The fox. Sly and secretive the fox shall chase away dementors with truly amazing skill.
(taken at youthink.com)

In the beginning....

... I started a blog

I am Piper Poplartree.

When I'm not defending the world against Dark Arts, I can be found crafting or at my favorite coffee shop, Starknuts. My muggle sewing maching had me baffled this weekend and I resisted the urge to blast it with a shattering spell. It would have felt good to do so but in the end, it would not have accomplished my goal of creating a new skirt.

Also watched some baseball.