Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Activities, week 1

Part 1: "What's in your trunk?"List 10 items beginning with the same letter as your first name that you brought with you to camp. For example:

In addition to my owl Firth and my wand, I will bring:

1. Peppermint coffee (can’t do without it)
2. potion bottles
3. phone (yes, I’ve been in the muggle world too long)
4. purple Starknuts craft bag
5. pomegranate lemonade
6. pizza coupons (because who doesn’t like to order pizza at camp!)
7. protein shakes
8. pumpkin juice
9. Puffs tissue (because inevitably, someone will get the sniffles)
10. Passion for my cabin and my house (ROAR GRYFFINDOR) and of course CRAFTS!

Part 3: Get to know your Spoiler & Spoilee
Go through your spoiler AND spoilee’s projects on Ravelry (I think everyone has at least 1 thing I’d hope!) and comment on or favorite something you like. This is another way to get to know them better.

My Spoiler is Helena Lovegood (LoverofallEmo).
She made this adorable ipod cozy that looks like Dory from Finding Nemo!!!! SO CUTE!!! Everyone has electronic devices that need to be protected and this was a brilliant way to do it! Something fun.
Just keep swimming just keep swimming…. I love Dory <3 <3
I think if I’m reading correctly, it is her own pattern. BRILLIANT CONCEPT!!!!

My Spoilee is Honoria Becket (JellybeanInc)
She has the cutest stocking hat on her Ravelry page. It’s in green and purple which is one of my favorite color combinations (red and black being the other). I love the hat… it’s very light hearted. Something fun to wear in the cold of winter while everyone else is wearing same ole hats.

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  1. lol yes it is my own pattern, it was for one of my friends in Greek class, for my first ever written pattern from scatch i think it turn out pretty good, i need to work on it tho to make it better:)